Emini S&P and Nasdaq outlook.
Emini S&P lower as expected but collapsed through 2744/42 to hit short term moving average support at 2722/20 then minor support at 2700/2698 before a bounce.

Nasdaq collapsed to minor support at 6800/6795.

Emini S&P just bounced from minor support at 2700/2698. Below 2694 look for minor support at 2684/82. A break below 2670 risks a slide to 2660 & 2655/53.
We are oversold short term so a small recovery possible but bears appear to be gaining control. Holding above 2710 targets first resistance at 2720/23. Further gains target 2733/35 with resistance at 2740/42. I doubt we will see a strong recovery but above here look for 2755/57. If we unexpectedly reach 2765/68, try shorts with stops above 2775.

Nasdaq gains are likely to be limited as bears take control with first resistance at 6865/70. Above 6880 however allows a further recovery to 6892/96, perhaps as far as 6917/20. Try shorts at 6955/60 with stops above 6975.
Best support at 6790/6780 but longs are definitely too risky & a break below 6770 targets 6755/50, 6735 & 6715/10. Below 6700 look for 6670/60.