Kansas Hay Report
Manhattan, KS   Tue   Sep 12, 2017    Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas Hay Market Report

Ground alfalfa movement:  Southwest/South Central 
Tonnage: 9,070/4,396   Last week:  8,812/4,328		Last year: 9,483/4,713
Hay market activity slow; demand light to moderate for most classes of hay; 
prices steady. Since there is not a lot of hay moving, producers are keeping 
busy performing maintenance on equipment or in the fields either cutting silage, 
finishing up hay, or preparing to plant wheat.  Many areas are really starting 
to need some rain, despite the fact that most of the state remains drought-free. 
The bull's eye of moderate drought remains centered in the middle of the state. 
However, according to the US Drought Monitor, the abnormally dry (D0) category 
actually decreased to 32.94 pct, while moderate drought (D1) decreased to 16.69 
pct.  Alfalfa fourth cutting was 73 pct, ahead of 61 pct last year and well 
ahead of the 47 pct average. If you have hay for sale, and/or need hay here in 
Kansas, use the services of the Internet Hay Exchange: 
Southwest Kansas  
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement 
slow. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 240.00-250.00. Dairy, .80-.90/point RFV, 
Supreme 150.00-165.00, Premium 145.00-155.00, Good 125.00-145.00.  Stock or Dry 
Cow alfalfa, 100.00-110.00.  Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, 100.00-110.00 with an 
instance at 115.00. Ground and delivered locally to feedlots and dairies, 
125.00-135.00, with instances at 145.00.  The week of 9/3-9/9, 9,070T of 
grinding alfalfa and 887T of dairy alfalfa were delivered. 

South Central Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, alfalfa pellets, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered 
steady; movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 7.50-8.50/bale, Dairy, .75-
.85/point RFV. Supreme 140.00-150.00, Premium 130.00-145.00, Good 110.00-130.00. 
Stock cow alfalfa, 80.00-90.00. Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, 90.00-100.00.  
Ground and delivered locally to feedlots 115.00-125.00, with an instance at 
130.00. The week of 9/3-9/9, 4,396T of grinding alfalfa and 665T of dairy 
alfalfa were delivered. Alfalfa pellets: Sun Cured 15 pct protein 150.00-160.00, 
17 pct protein 155.00-165.00, Dehydrated 17 pct 192.00-202.00. Grass hay: none 
reported. Straw large squares 50.00-60.00. 

Southeast Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement 
slow.  Alfalfa: horse or goat, 210.00-220.00.  Dairy .75-.85/point RFV. Stock 
cow alfalfa 90.00-100.00 with an instance at 125.00-135.00.  Fair/Good grinding 
alfalfa 75.00-85.00 with an instance at 90.00. Ground and delivered, 90.00-
100.00. Grass hay: bluestem, premium small squares 105.00-120.00. Good, mid and 
large squares 85.00-95.00, large rounds 55.00-65.00. Brome: small squares 6.00-
8.00/bale. Good, mid and large squares 100.00-120.00, large rounds 75.00-85.00. 
Oat hay, large squares 120.00-130.00. Straw, none reported. CWF grass mulch 
large squares 50.00.

Northwest Kansas 	
Dairy alfalfa, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement slow. 
Alfalfa: small squares, horse quality none reported. Goat, 170.00-180.00. Dairy, 
Premium/Supreme .80-.95/point RFV. Stock cow, fair/good 85.00-95.00. Fair/good 
grinding alfalfa, 65.00-75.00 with an instance at 85.00. Ground and delivered 
locally to feedlots and dairies, 90.00-100.00. Wheat hay large rounds 50.00 in 
the field. 

North Central-Northeast Kansas 
Dairy alfalfa, ground/delivered, grinding alfalfa, grass hay steady; movement 
slow.  Alfalfa: horse, none reported.  Dairy .90-1.00/point RFV, Supreme 165.00-
185.00.  Premium 160.00-175.00, Good 140.00-160.00.  Stock Cow, good 110.00-
120.00. Fair/Good, grinding alfalfa, 80.00-90.00. Ground and delivered, 110.00-
120.00.  Grass hay: bluestem, small squares 5.00-6.00/bale, large squares 90.00-
100.00, large rounds 60.00-70.00.  Brome: Good, small squares 6.00-7.00/bale 
delivered, mid and large squares, 100.00-110.00, good large rounds 70.00-75.00. 
Straw, small squares, 4.00-5.00/bale, large squares 75.00-85.00, large rounds 

***Prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted. Dairy alfalfa 
prices are for mid and large squares unless otherwise noted. Horse hay is in 
small squares unless otherwise noted. Prices are from the most recent sales. 
*CWF Certified Weed Free  

Alfalfa Quality Guidelines 
Quality       ADF     NDF   *RFV/RFQ   **TDN-100%     **TDN-90%     CP 
Supreme       <27    <34      >185        >62           >55.9       >22 
Premium      27-29  34-36    170-185    60.5-62       54.5-55.9    20-22 
Good         29-32  36-40    150-170      58-60       52.5-54.5    18-20 
Fair         32-35  40-44    130-150      56-58       50.5-52.5    16-18 
Utility       >35    >44      <130        <56           <50.5       <16 
*RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. **TDN calculated using the Western 
formula. Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors can affect 
feeding value. Values based on 100% dry matter (TDN showing both 100% & 90%). 
Guidelines are to be used with visual appearance and intent of sale (usage).  
Source: Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture - Manhattan, Kansas 
Kim Nettleton   785-564-6709  
Posted to the Internet:  www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/DC_GR310.txt 

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