Direct Slaughter Cattle - Mexico, Missouri
Jefferson City, MO    Fri Sept 08, 2017     Mo Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

Missouri Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle (week end 09-08-2017)

Confirmed Sales:

  Week to date:  200    Last Week:  480    Last Year:  120
( These prices acquired from Missouri producers )

   Trading from last Friday through Friday morning of this week remains light  
this week with lower bids and cash prices, midweek week flat dressed sales on 
Wednesday traded mostly 2.00 lower at 163.00, dressed grid prices on Thursday 
traded steady with last week at 170.00.  CME cattle futures posted an impressive 
rally on Thursday; but is this rally sustainable well be the more important 
question for the fed cattle market, after a hard beat down over the last several 
weeks.  Packers have been able to keep a nice supply of out-front cattle 
procured and to work with and not have to chase the market.  Cattle feeders have 
been willing sellers with the fear of cash cattle falling below the 100.00 on 
live prices seeming very possible.  With large continued slaughter numbers the 
fear of excess tonnage and increasing carcass weights being anticipated this 
will keep the fed cattle market on the defensive.  Fed cattle prices seem to be 
following last year�s decline pattern as fed cattle prices bottomed out last 
year in mid-October near 97.00-98.00.  Boxed-beef values have held their value 
over the past couple of week�s which has been a positive, with large out front 
purchases as retailers have been busy buying cheaper beef.  Demand has been very 
good from consumers but it will need to continue as demand is very critical as 
production will remain large.  Choice boxed-beef on Thursday closed .80 cents 
lower at 192.13 with Select closing .51 cents lower at 190.16 compared to last 
Friday�s close with Choice at 191.35 and select at 190.65.  The hide and offal 
value from a typical slaughter steer on Thursday was estimated at 10.60 per cwt 
live, up .03 cents from Wednesday�s value.   

Live Sales: 
Slaughter steers and heifers: (80 percent Choice) No sales    

(Note: Weighing conditions some plant delivered weights and some net
 weights FOB feedlot after a 4 percent shrink.

Dressed Carcass Sales: (Paid on Hot Carcass Weights) Delivered or
 Picked up (Weight only)      
   Steers and Heifers: (80 percent Choice) 2 loads Wednesday Flat 163.00.  

(Grid) Grade and Weight Carcass: (over 80 percent Choice) 3 loads Thursday 

Source:  MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Mexico, MO
         Greg Harrison, Market Reporter 573-751-5618
         24 hour recorded report 573-522-9244

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